At Creative Creation, we are developing new way to entertain our gaming community.

We aim to provide our users unforgettable experience, where console and blockchain gaming will be at its best. We’re developing an amazing cross metaverse environment where our users will able to choose one avatar on our platform and transport it seamlessly to multiple metaverses. Having a digital twin everytime switching from one metaverse to another with the same character and NFTs, this is the ‘Holy Grail of Gaming’.

Cross Metaverse

Asset Flow

NFT owners on Creative Creation’s Cross Metaverse can easily trade their NFTs and utilise them in games within the metaverse.


Equity to Everyone

Creative Creation provides an opportunity to NFT holders to earn equity tokens on occasions alongside earning CC tokens by buying shard tokens or crafting or fighting.


Metaverse Games

Our metaverse will keep on growing with engaging and addicting games. Following are the existing games in our metaverse.

Crypto Kombat

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