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Neon Clan – Category A

Neon Knight

He was the separated brother of Neo, named Ned, and was landed on the earth in the other part of the spaceship. There was a Combat Clan that used to fight crimes and evils to save humanity on the earth. Ned was adopted by the ruler of the Combat Clan and was named Neon Knight. 

Neon Knight’s Power 

Neon Knight is a superhuman with some outstanding capabilities. His body shines in the dark just like Neo and his eyes are magical. He could see what’s hidden from everyone’s sight, he can feel the danger from miles apart. 

He can run faster than the speed of the light, squeeze through the narrowest spaces, and jump down from the highest buildings in the town, and still be safe and unharmed. 

His body has the utmost limit of human perfection in terms of strength, stamina, and agility.

Dark Boy

William Maxwell had a son named Wilson who had a major impact on this spaceship landing on the earth. His skin was burnt during this crash and the boy lost his charm. He could have almost died but the touch of Alex saved his life. The side effect of this incident had made William allergic to the sunlight, thus he was always kept in the Dark by his father, William.

Staying in Dark helped Wilson develop some supernatural powers. Although the boy was kind of short-tempered, growing up with Alex was a gift to him. When the earth was on the verge of war, Wilson was also chosen to fight against evil and use his impeccable strength and capabilities to save lives.

Dark Boy’s Power

He produces shocking waves from his eyes. These waves can produce an effect of blindness that stays for 5 minutes. He is one of the most powerful members of the team. To get this character players must reach level 3.

Neon Boy

He was born on the planet Jupiter and named Neo. His parents were designing a spaceship to land on the earth and start a new life with their two sons. Unfortunately, the spaceship crashed before landing on the earth and his parents died. His brother was also parted and landed on some other area of the earth. 

Neo was found and adopted by a costume designer William Maxwell who named him Alex. Alex had outstanding superhuman powers, incredible strength, unmatched stamina, and skin that shines in dark. Soon, William learned about Alex’s capabilities and kept his identity hidden from the world. As Alex turned 25, he got even more powerful. William realized the world needs his powers and designed a suit to help him fight evil with extraordinary capabilities. He also made Alex promise to always use his powers for the good, saving humanity on the earth.

Neon Boy’s Power

He has top 3 powers that make him unique. These powers are electric waves, disappear for 3 minutes from the sight but can still kill the target, and produce fire from his costume. He is the most dangerous and powerful character. To get this character, players need to get at level 5.


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