Deploy Smart Contracts on ETH, SOL, BNB or any other Blockchain, The right time to shift from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.

Intelligent blockchain smart contract developers for a safe Web 3.0 experience, Creative Creations has been involved with some of the most successful NFT development projects in the market. Having completed NFT drops for our customers worth millions of dollars, in addition to launching crypto currencies achieving price hikes at 100x and more.

We not only helped blockchain businesses to develop crypto currencies, NFT minting smart contracts, NFT marketplaces, Binance/Ethereum/Solana NFT drops but we also designed the web 3.0 softwares and created blockchain NFT art for them. We helped in converting their legacy web 2.0 systems to web 3.0 smart contracts.

We work in making custom blockchain solutions using Hyperledger, EVM, Solidity, Cosmos or Substrate. Building business logic to running blockchain nodes, With profound understanding on developing a decentralized platform for NFTs, web3 eth smart contracts, bridges, DEX, metaverse, tokens and dApps.

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Developing Smart Contract

Creating various smart contract logics not only helps us make it Gas-friendly, but it also decreases the logic vulnerabilities and eliminates any loopholes that can provide a potential opportunity for a cyber intrusion.

Audit And Testing

In the first phase, our Web 3.0 developers audit the contract to detect any inconsistencies, discrepancies, faulty logic, etc. Once the smart contract passes the initial testing phase, we move to the second phase where we invite the client to participate in the audit process.

DeFi Solutions Development

Amalgamate strong performance, transparency, and security in your decentralised financial applications with highly specialised DeFi development services.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) Development

Take advantage of our dedicated NFT development services to create, manage, and control your very own unreplicable and secure high-demand digital assets.

Security Token Offering Solutions

Digitise any real-world assets to meet your security token offering objectives with our expert help. We’ll ensure you have excellent liquidity options and access to global trade securities.

Cryptocurrency Wallet & Exchange Development

Present your valued users with intuitive, feature-rich, and high-speed cryptocurrency wallets that meet the highest security standards for both mobile and desktop crypto wallet development.

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We automate our smart contracts to help our clients and make it easy for them to operate on Web 3.0. One such example of this is the ‘Contract Self Destruct’ command. By incorporating that, the smart contract destroys itself in case of contract termination.

Gas fee-friendly

Gas fee-friendly

Gas fees can wear one out – whether you’re at the gas station or rocking the web 3.0. Therefore, we keep gas-friendliness into consideration while developing your smart contract. That way, you can enjoy making a decent profit.

Even. More. Secure.

Even. More. Secure.

Yes, Blockchain is a secure place to be. But that doesn’t mean that making weak smart contracts is safe. That’s why CreativeCreations spends time creating multiple logics and encrypting transaction records. A perfect recipe to keep the cyber intruders at bay.

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