NFT Strategy

At Creative Creation, we believe in community, we believe in growing with others hence we offer our expertise to the people who seek guidance on NFT business strategies and answer the what, where, why, when, and how of the ecosystem.

NFT Marketing

Marketing NFT is just like marketing any other product, it is no rocket science. The channels for marketing NFT is similar to marketing channels of any other digital products, but of course, every niche has their concentration of customers on a handful of marketing channels. For example, NFTs can be very efficiently marketed via influencers, just like any other product, or on social media platforms like discord, instagram, twitter, etc. Content marketing like SEO, blogging, news publication are also a way of marketing your NFT but lately studies have shown that these marketing techniques are not as effective as the others.

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NFT Development

Many entrepreneurs now a days are in a keen search to start their online business. People have prior tech development are mostly entering into the crypto currency market due to its high market cap, volatility, and decentralised nature. NFT development can be done on a number of blockchains including Ethereum Network (ETH), Binance Network (BSC), Cardano Network (ADA), Huobi ECO Network (HECO), or Solana Network (SOL). Every network has its own pros and cons ranging form high/low transaction fees to availability of developers and their cost. Despite of the fact that NFTs has been there in the market for more than a decade now but community’s interest in the NFTs market has recently developed surging its value to the skies.



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NFT Consultants

Creative Creation has been through the deep dives in the market of NFTs and is providing consultancy on marketing, development, strategies, art, cryptos etc. to a lot of entrepreneurs and businesses. We understand the business in and out with all the pros and cons enabling us to guide and help people entering the marketing with our consultancy services. Our main has been towards building the community, and helping the budding entrepreneurs penetrate the market without hitting the walls that we’ve already cracked.

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