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After The Fall is a blockchain web3-based game belonging to the P2E Web3 Based. The game is storied around the world after the great world war III and provides gameplay of clans fighting for survival in the world After The Fall. Creative Creation took over social media marketing and community marketing for After The Fall to build a strong community of investors and gamers who contribute to the project. The tasks of marketing were successfully fulfilled by Creative Creation above the client’s satisfaction.

The Solution

Creative Creation specializes in Web3 Game development, Blockchain technology, and Crypto-currency with members located all around the globe.

Creative Creation has also onboarded several full-time staff in game design, Engineering, Economics, Blockchain Development, Unity, HR, Product Owners, Art, Customer Support, and more.

Creative Creation aims to build something new and groundbreaking. Their team is working around the world combining artistic prowess, technical innovation, and business leadership to set new standards in gaming.

Creative Creation has managed to put has there the best team in the industry to develop a welcoming and supportive community, an amazing game experience, and a behind-the-scenes team that is always creating growth.

The Results

After The Fall launched its new NFT and successfully executed NFT marketing campaigns for its upcoming NFT from Creative Creation, they move in fast and get the job done and that’s why this particular campaign produced such great results.

  • Achieved verification on Twitter.
  • Collaborated with top projects in the industry and built up a strong whitelist using pre-mint.
  • Built up 140,000 Twitter and 50,000 Discord following using growth hacking methods.
  • Featured in top media and PR news outlets.
  • Used Twitter growth hacking methods and Twitter influencers to build up the community.
  • Completed full mass media and PR campaign on over 300+ news websites.
  • Full Discord security audit prevented hacking attempts.

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