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Experience the world After The Fall.

After The Fall is a battle royale game that exists in Cross Metaverse – a blockchain based metaverse containg games and NFTs that are utilised across the games. The concept of the game is based on the world after the great world war III and the clans that are built and how they fight for control, survivol, and food. The game contains high graphics NFT characters that are used in all the games of metaverse including After The Fall.

After The Fall Website

Copywriting &
Web Development.

Creative Creation assisted After The Fall with almost everything that is needed by a gaming business to start with. We, devised their story boards, branding, copywriting for the website and marketing assets, designing the layout of their website and the characters, and then developing their website with high end graphics and animation embedded for utlra tech experience of their customers.

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After The Fall Website
After The Fall Website
After The Fall Website

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