Cross Metaverse

Metaverse of interlinked gaming.

Cross metaverse is purely blockchain based universe containing numerous games, NFT characters, utilities, marketplaces and much more. Cross Metaverse is the first gaming metaverse offering the utlity of gaming in cross-chain world i.e. the users can utilise characters from different blockchains in different games in the metaverse that will increase the interoperatbility of the NFTs and games in the blockchain world.

Copywriting &
Web Development.

Cross metaverse is a unique concept, creating a challenge for creative teams to build the brand and copywriting for better online presence. Creative Creation completed the task by flying colours. We created their branding, copy, and website with the most simple user interface yet keeping it high tech but easily understandable so that their communication is at its best. Client was extremely happy!


Blockchain, Metaverse, Branding, Website Design & Development, Content Writing


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