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Before working with Creative Creation, Genesis health had not focused on active sales outreach for buying dental supplies from dental scalars to dental drills, instead, sales relied largely on word of mouth and a passive inbound approach from the dental practices.

As their business model evolved, the need for more direct sales outreach emerged. Genesis health was experienced in selling to the Dental market, but when it came to the online market, they needed to generate market awareness for Genesis health.

The Solution

Genesis health hired Creative Creation for data and Appointment setting. Creative Creation provided a complete Appointment setting department for the project, including a Success Manager, Project Manager, and sales development representative.

The Genesis health team provided a list of target accounts to get started, and Creative Creation’s Data Specialists built out the list with job titles and contacts for each dental product consumer.

The first couple weeks of the project were spent iterating the messaging that their Creative Creation SDR, would use when speaking with prospects. He made calls and took note of pushback and objections, so Genesis health and Creative Creation could then collaborate to create a better script and better talking points.

Creative Creation’s appointment setting team made sure Genesis health knew why a meeting wasn’t set, annotating each interaction with relevant information like budgetary objections, competitor software already in use, and prospects who need to be followed up with next year.

The Results

Over the course of the project, Creative Creation made contact with 300-350 dental organizations. Roughly 17.6% of those interactions resulted in a sales meeting, enabling the team to have meaningful conversations with 50-55 organizations about the collections management software.

“This project that we worked on with Creative Creation not only helped us with lead generation but also created that market awareness”  “Creative creation allowed us to shorten the ramp time. We would have gotten there eventually, but we needed to get there quickly. And that’s what Creative Creation helped us do.” The CEO of  Genesis Health said.

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