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Saltalk is a food ordering platform having issues with customer service, such as outgoing customer service, they want to improve their relationship with customers. They had no internal resources dedicated to following up with these clients.

Installing a customer support center and staffing it with trained employees would not only be cost-prohibitive but would also be nearly impossible to accomplish in such a short time frame.

That’s when Fred, the CEO of Saltalk, knew it was time to contact Creative Creation. In which a sales team dedicated to Saltalk would align the client’s database, identify the decision maker, walk that person through the renewal process and pricing schedule, and then set up appointments for Saltalk’s sales team to close the deal.

The Solution: Customer Experience Department at Creative Creation

Creative Creation then provided smart and timely technical expertise by nurturing relationships between the customers and the brand with ongoing support that delights, retains, and turns users into advocates for their solution.

Creative Creation deployed and worked on their three main factor strategies, which they wisely followed. Creative Creation is a firm believer in striving to delight, putting in good systems, and responding quickly to feedback.

The Results

“By Hiring Creative Creation they have made the right decision” Fred Ming, words from the Saltalk CEO they have excel almost 23% sale revenue by using the marketing, appointment setting, and CRM optimization since then they have not missed out an opportunity to reach out to the client on time and tap them in a right way to generate revenue and providing the best services.

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