Spoiled Young Ape club

Spoiled Young Ape club (SYAC)

SYAC is an NFT project that entered the market with a proved ROI on NFTs.

SYAC Art - Spoiled Young Ape Club Collection

Art Ideation &
NFT Art Design.

Creative Creation was tasked to create APES that looks cool and should have a unique distinction with the famous Bored Ape Yatch club. That is where we brainstormed and came up the Spoiled Young Ape Club idea. Our artists digitized the idea and created the art that everybody in the team and in the client’s team earned. Due to the quality of art, the project made $700k in their NFT sale as people liked the designs and bought the NFTs in the sale.


Blockchain, NFT drop, Opensea


Los Angeles, CA

SYAC Art - Spoiled Young Ape Club Collection
Spoiled Young Ape Club
SYAC Art - Spoiled Young Ape Club

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