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For more than five years, Tech Drop has been a leading supplier of manufacturing solutions. Their management team recently assembled a new sales team of account executives to re-engage their existing customer base. They began looking to deepen those relationships to see if there were other opportunities for those accounts.

In addition to proactively identifying additional opportunities from existing customers, Tech Drop wanted to develop some new target customers. To enable her manager to work productively towards both of these goals, the team needs to be more efficient by adding her SDR role, and in a cost-effective way to do so. I was looking for

During this time, Tech Drop had just launched a new Salesforce instance and noticed that the old database was disorganized. They wanted to make sure their customer and prospect data was clean when migrated to their new CRM.

The Solution: Lead Generation & Data at Creative Creation

Tech Drop had worked with and looked into other lead generation vendors in the past, but they found that those vendors either couldn’t provide sufficiently qualified leads or couldn’t meet the security requirements of their highly regulated industry. That’s when Mr Kunal, Business Development Manager asked his network for recommendations. One of his friend referred him to Creative Creation.

Tech Drop brought on 4 Sales Development Reps from Creative Creation to initiate conversations with their existing install base and start pursuing new target accounts.

Creative Creation’s Data team scrubbed their contact lists to ensure they were clean before migrating them to Salesforce. Then, Creative Creation’s SDRs were able to use that clean data to call on those accounts and build out additional contacts through their outreach.

“Being able to get a deeper understanding of our customers and creating heat maps of their influencers is important to getting that database built up. Otherwise, we’d only know whom we’ve worked with. We don’t know who their colleagues are, or the next few layers. That’s always been important for us, especially for our enterprise accounts,” said CEO Creative Creation.

Creative Creation’s SDR team has been able to maintain the Tech Drop’s goal of 8-10 appointments set per month, and the team collaborates to adjust their strategy when outcomes are less than expected. Meanwhile, Tech Drop can continue to build a growing number of meaningful relationships with the right people.

“I think we’ve got great communication. We have our monthly touch-points, and there’s a good follow-up. They’re constantly looking for feedback as we’re honing our messaging. We get to experiment really quickly and pivot for results,” said Muhammad Hasan.

The Results

Through their partnership with Creative Creation, Tech Drop was able to build a demand generation engine without having to hire internally and can use their account executive team more efficiently.

With the help of Creative Creation’s SDR team, the AE team is able to spend its time nurturing more qualified customers and target accounts. Tech Drop can now focus on being proactive about re-engaging its current customer base and bringing its solutions back to forethought.

“Creative Creation was able to have more meaningful conversations with the right customer. It would have taken us a lot longer to be able to get there, but by leveraging Creative Creation, we’re building up our pipeline. More importantly, we’re building up our relationships with customers that we haven’t tapped into for a long time. We can plug Creative Creation in really easily and seamlessly to find those customers,” said Muhammad Hasan.

With their particularly long sales cycles, Tech Drop is currently monitoring how many of Creative Creation’s qualified leads lead to a profitable sale and they found, they are very optimistic about our partnership.

“I think Creative Creation will have a spot in our organization for the foreseeable future, really filling that void, and being able to move quickly,” CEO Tech Drop

Creative Creation was able to have more meaningful conversations with the right customer. It would have taken us a lot longer to be able to get there, but by leveraging Creative Creation, we’re building up our pipeline stronger.

Muhammad Salman Khan CEO at Tech Drop.

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