NFT Project Planning
& Strategy

“Behind Every Successful NFT, There’s A Team Who Broke Their Back” – and managing such a team is a very complex task. But how do we know? That’s because we’ve worked with some of the best NFT projects in the market today.

Hardcore NFT development
and marketing strategy.

Designing an NFT.

We start off by listening to your idea of your NFT, and how you want it to be. Then we pair your concept with our expertise and practical experience. Once we brainstorm and develop the idea, we prepare a brief based on our brainstorming session with you and pass it down to the team of designers.

Final design and minting NFTs.

Once the team of designers prepares the design, we present it to you for feedback. Once we finish the design, we follow it up with the minting process. After minting your NFTs, we move towards laying a rock-solid, multichannel marketing strategy to promote your NFTs and maximize its exposure and engagement.

Rock-solid NFT promotion.

So your NFT is designed and it’s minted and has entered the Web 3.0 world. Now it’s time to leverage multichannel marketing tactics, create a community of like-minded people who vibe with your NFTs and maximize your NFT exposure. With the help of community marketing, CreativeCreations helps your drive engagement and sales.

Discord Social Media Marketing Icon


Discord is where NFT communities are a hot thing, which is exactly why a lot of NFT projects are building a strong audience base with the help of discord.

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Telegram is in the same league as Discord when it comes to building community. However, its added advantage is effective messenger marketing which helps in driving massive sales.

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TikTok is a place that drives a massive amount of traffic, brand exposure, engagement, and even sales through the power of influencer marketing.

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Twitter is a perfect blend of communities and NFT Marketplace. That’s what makes it a perfect place to market NFTs and build a community of like-minded people around your NFT.

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