Marketing Services

Marketing is not just social media posts, billboard advertisements, and pieces of content.

Marketing is getting your brand to where the relevant people are. It’s about making some noise about your company by choosing the right channels.

NFT Marketing

Venture-capital funding is consistently growing for blockchain start-ups. It was $1 billion in 2017 & $25 billion in 2021. Simply put, there are new NFT projects every day. And just like any product, they need design, development, and promotion. Creative Creation has worked with multiple companies in the NFT domain. From designing NFTs to minting them, creating a buzz to free airdrops, we’ve done it all.

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It’s gradually becoming a farm where anyone in the world can find & purchase NFTs.

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Telegram communities are known to help people make crazy NFT sales.

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There are macro influencers.. Then there are the MASSIVE ones. They’re on Tiktok.

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A smooth blend of NFT Marketplace & community marketing.

Marketing Strategy & Consultation

There’s a world full of possibilities that exist beyond social media, copywriting, and community marketing.

When setting a marketing strategy to maximize brand exposure and generate sales, it’s important to take all the relevant and possible channels of marketing into consideration.

Creative Creation helps your business get more traction and make more sales by setting authentic and rock-solid marketing strategies.

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Sales & Customer Success

Sales are not just sales anymore.
It’s an overall complete experience.

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Social Media

Back in the early days, Social Media Marketing was limited to writing content paired with a relevant image… In other words, creating a regular post.

But today, Social Media Marketing is growth hacking. It’s a proper channel whose potential reaches far beyond the scope of regular posts.

Social Media Marketing has the power to create a buzz around your business and assist in driving sales and even bringing traffic to your website.

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Copywriter Services

We use words to express ourselves, discuss ideas, and grab attention… It’s just that copywriters happen to be better at this than others.

An amazing copy has the power to grab the reader’s attention – Because every line is written with the intent to make you read the other.

We know it… It sounds extraterrestrial… And maybe it is? Well, Fortunate for us, we’ve got amazing copywriters who’ve spent years perfecting their craft.

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Community Marketing

Indeed, Community Marketing is one of the strongest ways to generate sales. But, it has a bigger purpose.

Community Marketing brings people together. It helps them feel that they belong to a group that’s made of like-minded people.

Once the community is formed, it becomes a perfect place to showcase your product and make sales.

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